Tips for Taking Good Winter Photos

Winter time is one of my favorite times to take pictures. not only is the scenery absolutely stunning, but the whiteness of the snow lends itself to amazing lighting for pictures as well. additionally, if your subject is a human, the winter cool air will lead to wonderful blushed photographs that look in chanting. There are some challenges that present themselves when taking pictures in the winter though. While I am not a professional photographer, here are some of my best tips for taking good winter photos that I have discovered over the years.

Tips for Taking Good Winter Photos

Keep your camera cold and your batteries warm– If you’ve ever worn glasses, you know about the dreaded fogging of your lenses when you come in to somewhere warm. Your camera lenses the same. of course you don’t want to leave your camera out in the really cold temperatures you shouldn’t keep it warm either. However, with batteries keeping them warm as a good idea. Cold batteries drain faster so keep a spare warm in your pocket.

Dress for the weather– I can’t tell you how many times I have gone out to take pictures and didn’t dress properly because I thought I’d only be out for a few minutes. Make sure the people that you are photographing have back up warm clothes if you’re taking photos of them in less than warm clothes. Additionally, make sure you as the photographer, also dress for the weather. This includes back up socks and warm boots. Since shooting can be hard with gloves, I like to wear hand warmers.

Shoot in manual mode if possible– Winter offers different lighting. This can also mean that your pictures could turn out grayish or yellowish if you don’t shoot in manual mode. Shooting in manual mode allows you to do more with it when you get to the post Productions time. you’ll have an easier time balancing out the white light.

Go out earlier in the day to avoid darkness in the early afternoon– Keep in mind that the winter hours are often Limited. This means that If you’re used to shooting in the early evening for the best light, adjust it to shoot more in the early afternoon for better lighting conditions. I tend to find late morning or early afternoon as the best lighting options during the winter especially if there’s snow on the ground.

Add bright colors such as red or other warm colors such as Orange to create drama– One thing I love about winter shooting, is the fact that you can easily add drama to your photos by simply adding a bright or warm color in Clothing, props, and buildings. For instance, a bright red barn lends itself well to a wintry scene.

Use dusk as a time to capture awesome winter shots, too– If you find yourself running out of light, use dusk as a great time to pick up scenes that can look dark in nature, but extremely full of depth. I like to shoot trees this time of year at dusk because they look particularly interesting.

Look at things through a different pair of eyes in order to see an awesome photo opportunity- Just like in the spring when things are budding and coming back to life, winter also lends itself to interesting opportunities for photos. Look high and low as well as in places you might not consider such as on tree branches on the ground or even in the air for interesting photo opportunities. A simple picture of Frost can really be an amazing capture.



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