How to be ‘That House’ for Trick or Treaters

If you went trick or treating as a kid, you probably had one house that was that house- the one every kid loved because it offered something the other houses didn’t. It was more than just a place to ring the doorbell and get a treat, it was an adventure. As an adult, maybe you are the homeowner who wants to recreate that house and make it the one all the kids in town want to stop at. Here are some tips on how you can be that house this Halloween.

How to be ‘That House’ for Trick or Treaters

Use your yard debris to completely transform your living space– Nature can be scary if used right. Old dead leaves and branches of trees can be spooky and you can cover up ‘graves’ with fresh dirt. When you do your cleaning up for fall this year, save some of it to decorate with as it will help make the whole yard much more realistic.

Make it welcoming to all– By this, I don’t mean you have to make it less scary for very small children, but you should make it accessible if you can. Provide treats for those with peanut of gluten allergies as well as non-food treats. Kids and parents will remember! Additionally, if you scare zone isn’t for small children, have a sign out front that says so along with some treats.

Have a good variety of treats to hand out– Don’t get the candy that kids aren’t a huge fan of. If you can afford to splurge on the good stuff. You can even be that house known for giving out full size candy bars if you buy candy in bulk.

Dress up to hand out– Get in the spooky spirit by dressing up to match your spooky home. When you hand out candy try to stay in character. This really ads to the experience for everyone, including you!

Use a fog machine and sounds– A good scare house has something that delights all the senses. That is part of what makes us scared to begin with and will add some realness to it. Have a fog machine going, some scary sounds and sights at all angles.

Pick a different theme every year– if you can afford to and are creative enough, try to pick a different theme every year. This will allow your home to be the one everyone really looks forward to each year because it in an experience.

Enlist neighbors– Do your neighbors want to get in on the action but not commit to it being their home? Neighbors can help by being costumed scarers in your yard or by handing out candy. They can also be a great help in decorating.

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