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Hi World!

My name is Christine and I am a career blogger. I started blogging in 2011 after I had a medical procedure done and I was bored at home. This was when my very first blog, Saved By Grace was born! This blog is about green and healthy living and I love being able to share my passion for these subjects on it. In 2015, I started a travel blog with my husband Spencer named Northwest Tourist to share our love of the great Pacific Northwest and our other outdoor and travel adventures. I consider both of these blogs to be professional in every way.

In the Summer of 2017, I decided to create My Octopus’s Garden as a fun way for me to share my favorite things with the world. I would like to ideally create a nice space for product reviews, fun DIYS and recipes and just about anything I enjoy as I have really found blogging to bring me a lot of joy.

In addition to blogging, I really enjoy fitness, hiking and spending time outdoors. I also enjoy running and jogging.

You may be wondering why I chose the name I did for this blog. Simply put, it is so unbelievably fitting. I am a HUGE fan of cephalopods and I even consider myself a nerd when it comes to them. Additionally, an octopus’s garden is a real thing! An octopus creates one by gathering various objects found on the ocean floor from coconut shells to human debris and saves them in his home. He uses these various items as tools and armor or just to even decorate his area. Octopuses are incredibly intelligent creatures!

Because My Octopus’s Garden is a place for me to share my favorite things and gather new ones along the way, I just knew it was a perfect name for my new humble blog.

I hope you enjoy your stay here at An Octopus’s Garden!

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